Root Node

by Nathan GuoRoot Nodes_final_0-01

Root Node“is a site-specific interactive installation. It involves stacked layers of disassembled remote controllers that are strung together by conductive rods and implanted in the ground. Whenever the root of the device becomes damp, nodes can be generated due to the conductivity of the earth, which here acts as an interface.That in turn triggers the soundscape, which is constructed out of pulsed signals

Inspired by Niklas Luhmann’s notion of structural coupling and the materiality of communication, „Root Node“ also refers to the topmost section of a tree data structure in computer science. The device functions as a reconfiguration of the exorbitant existence of techno narratives; as a poem depicting the metabolic process of signals; as “the reconstruction of deconstruction”; as a posthuman totem of worship…

Root Nodes_final_A-01

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