Retro Product – Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Yen Tzu Chang (TW)

Digital Musical instrument
Vacuum cleaner

Referring to the practice of aesthetic research in media archaeology, hacking, and to the remix culture, Yen Tzu Chang has built a hybrid, digital/analog musical instrument.
The system consists of a keyboard similar to an accordion’s, and a suitcase with a vacuum cleaner inside. The machine is based on the short circuit of meaning between the wind instrument and the household appliance, whose roles are combined.
The sound is created by turning the vacuum cleaner on and off, and is then mixed with the digitally-synthesized, accordion timbred chords.
The project is shown as a music performance, in which the artist develops a delicate soundscape of rarefied and nostalgic sounds, mechanical and dense atmospheres.YEN_TZU_CHANG_MG_8665

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