Micro Pets

Micro_Pets_ Amoeba with Nano Toy 1Marie Polakova & Veselina Dashinova

Digital Frame

Micro Pets is an artwork that plays with the contemporary concept of pet, bringing it into a microscopic landscape. The work of Marie Polakova and Veselina Dashinova is built on the overturning of the idea that microscopic organisms are useful for scientists yet dangerous for humans.

Humanizing something that cannot be seen as such, the two artists propose a playful relation between humans and microorganisms, creating nanometric toys and other accessories. To be seen, of course, through the lenses of a microscope.

Created at Interface Cultures with support of Ars Electronica Bio Lab, Linz, Austria and Jan Spurny, Prague.Micro_Pets_Microscope_Micro Pets_

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