Memory Wheel

by Davide Bevilacquamemory_wheel1200_800

The “Memory Wheel” is a mnemonic (memory storage) device that can be used to store and manipulate data with the help of a magical kinetic process.

The device makes use of the mnemonic techniques proposed by Ramon Llull in his Ars Magna. There he proposes using combinations of symbols to store information in the human mind and retrieve it from there. The procedure, which was developed in the Renaissance, is here translated into a kinetic interface. It elucidates the process of the creation and the exchange of bytes of memory between a central archive, which is present in the object itself, and the ideas of the individual visitor. He (she) is supposed to bring these to the exhibition in digital form – that is, stored on an USB stick. The manipulation of digital memories is visualized by the spinning of the wheels of the device. That movement and the sound which it generates can be influenced by the direct interaction of the audience. The process of remembering thereby becomes unpredictable and collective – just like human memory, which is dependent on so many unknown factors.

More about the project HERE

Memory Wheel from davidDurat on Vimeo.

Memory Wheel

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