Greetings from Eastern Europe

by Ioan Cernei(RO) & Tiina Sööt(EE)

Greetings from Eastern Europe“ is a multi-part installation which combines everyday aesthetics from Romania and Estonia with technological intervention. The installation is based on our own situation and experience and attempts to share these with the participant. As Eastern Europeans who are now living in Central Europe, we are often confronted with lingering reminders of our countries of origin. The result is that we are in a perpetual state of being separated from our homelands, yet not completely detached from them. For us the “greeting” is more than just a warm, homey message from our countries, because it has a flipside; it also makes us feel uncomfortable. Each object attempts to simulate and reflect one part of the Eastern European context in which efforts are distorted and not appropriately rewarded, high expectations have low returns and the socio-political environment is inhospitable. The installation attempts to convey these feelings of slight discomfort. They might seem exotic – just like Eastern Europe appears when it is observed from the outside.


greetings-eastern-europe-secretgreetings-eastern-europe-detail-2 greetings-eastern-europe-interaction-detail-2greetings-eastern-europe-manipulatorgreetings-eastern-europe-detail-1 (1)greetings-eastern-europe-interaction-detail-1

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