Flat Screens / Shooting Through / Holey Lands

Sam Bunn (UK)H2_grey_woke_w_wood1

Video installation

Flat Screens / Shooting Through / Holey Lands (FSSTHL) is a collaborative experimental movie for mobile phone. The plot, a science fiction, was written by Sam Bunn on location at Villa Manin and then performed as individual parts onto the cellphones of a group of volunteers. Each phone represents a character or part of a character in the story, like an actor. During each half hour shoot, the participants were invited to shoot sequences onto a video camera, to be used as backdrops for the story.

The whole project is performed as a ‘Punch and Judy’ style theatre piece on the exhibition opening night. Bunn operates the smartphones like actors on a purpose-built, miniature stage. The single videos become part of a narration which is shown entirely just once and then dispersed again.

Thanks to: Andrea, Lorenzo, Gabriele, Giulia, Alessandra, Angelica, Mikka, Lucia, Luca, Gilda, Lorenzo, Gregorio, Chiara, Alessandro, Semir, Riccardo, Luca, Valentina e Sabina. H1_grey_creammouth_01

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