Eisenbahnbrücke's Nightmare

Patricia Margarit CastellóImprimir

History or present? Tradition or modernity? Should we destroy the old in order to contruct new buildings? Should money be more important than the identity of a city?
The Eisenbahnbrücke of Linz is a good example for those questions. It’s not only a representative element of Linz, but also an important technical monument of Austria’s traffic history and an interesting bridge from the cultural, historical, architectural, social and artistic points of view.
Taking all these things into consideration, Eisenbahnbrücke’s Nightmare tries to set out these questions and claim the preservation of the bridge in a playful way, trying to make this issue more visible.
In order to do that, this project consists of a collaborative videogame in which the players work together to prevent the character, inspired by the mayor of Linz, from reaching the bridge and destroying it.  Like in real life, players have limited time, so they need to hurry up and keep in mind that there is strength in numbers.

Eisenbahnbrücke's nightmare_02@Patricia Margarit Castello