Data Auditorio

by Daichi Misawa

DataAuditorio_DaichiMisawaData Auditorio“ is an interactive sound which is produced in a certain space. It enables audiences to participate in a game calledperformance play. The interactive sound software processes the feedback signals between the microphone and the hyper-directional speaker and aims to ultimately give rise to a kind of sonic organism; the sound is, in fact, an algorithmic composition which is entirely derived from the feedback signals in a real-time sonic environment. The installation utilizes the format of a performance stage and encourages the audience to interact in a natural fashion with the interactive sound,therebymaking the game of Data Auditorio“ a more active endeavor.

Data Auditorio – Recordings | 2013 from Daichi Misawa on Vimeo.

Software Design: Kiyomitsu Odai

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