Presentation of the third “Sankt Interface Award”

“Sankt Interface” (St. Interface) is an artistic project by Interface Culture which serves as the annual celebration of our department. This year will happen on 6th of December, almost the same day of 1968 when Douglas Engelbart gave his ultra-famous conference known as “The Mother of All Demos”.

At Sankt Interface, academic conferences, artistic performances, exhibitions, concerts and a “Computer Mouse & Keyboard Award” are events part of a celebration which transforms itself into a happening in which students, professors, and friends participate at the same level.

Award info can be found here!

Why would Sankt Interface be interesting for you?

During Sankt Interface (6.12.2017) we will celebrate the third “Computer Mouse and Keyboard Award”. We still believe in the importance of old computer interfaces. Especially within the field of media art it can definitely help us to communicate the relevance of interface art and its aesthetics. We believe in the possibility of converting computer mice and keyboards into aesthetic and critical artifacts.
That´s the reason for this award. We cordially invite you to contribute to this Computer Mouse & Keyboard Award with your designs! Buy generous prizes and have fun doing crazy projects with others!

If you are interested in knowing more about it please attend our meeting on 25.10.2016 at 12:15h in the Interface Culture lecture room, 3rd floor, Domgasse 1.