Workshop: Utopian and climate futures, Thu 19 April, bb15

2057 – Speculative Climate Futures workshop, a collaboration between Gabriela Gordillo and Julia Nüßlein

~~WORKSHOP~~ What? Workshop about the future, from a utopian and climate change perspective. The side subject is making use of workshops as artists. How? Hands-on exercises and discussions When? This Thursday, 19 April from 12:30 to around 18:30 There will be a lunch, coffee and snacks – so be there …

Reports from the Grand Palais Artists et Robots exhibition in Paris

Dear friends, We are happy to share a lot of media reports about our teachers, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, recent show at Grand Palais Paris, Artistes et Robots exhibition: France 24 TV: Interview in English with Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer on 06.04.2018 ‘More and more people are buying …

2018 Admission Open

Now the admission is open for the Master Study Program 2018/2019. The application period is still until 22nd of June 2018. The entrance interview will take place at the Interface Cultures department in Linz on the 2nd of July The Interface Culture program was founded in 2004 by Christa Sommerer …

Social VR Event Linz – London

Interface Cultures/University of Art and Design Linz at Ars Electronica Centre, and the Wimbledon University of the Arts London at the Tate Modern 08 March 2018, 1pm – 2:30pm CET, AEC VR-Lab Social VR technologies allow people at different locations, wearing VR headsets, to meet and interact with each other …

Sankt Interface 2017

Also this year, in Sankt Interface 2017, we had the chance to see our students dealing with the concept of computer mice. Here’s a gallery with the best moments of the night.

Rе:LOGIA 01 | 24 – 26 November 2017

Klimentina Milenova was taking part of Relogia Trialogues –multi disciplines symposium, combing topics of art, science and technologies. The event happened on 24-26 November in Sofia, Bulgaria. There she had a talk – “Culture in need of Interface” where she also present the program and activities of Interface Cultures department and Kunstuniversität Linz.

Praktikant/in im Bereich User Experience Design

Möchten Sie Ihre Ideen in nutzbringende und sinnvolle Technologien verwandeln? Ob im Bereich Mobility Solutions, Consumer Goods, Industrial Technology oder Energy and Building Technology – mit uns verbessern Sie die Lebensqualität der Menschen auf der ganzen Welt.
Willkommen bei Bosch.

Presentation of the third “Sankt Interface Award”

“Sankt Interface” (St. Interface) is an artistic project by Interface Culture which serves as the annual celebration of our department. This year will happen on 6th of December, almost the same day of 1968 when Douglas Engelbart gave his ultra-famous conference known as “The Mother of All Demos”. At Sankt …