Non Player Object – Play with it!

Non Player Objects - Play with it!

by Davide Bevilacqua, Alberto Boem, Isidora Ficovic, Marie Polakova.

The Non Player Objects installation is addressing artefacts and media-contents in order to question the understanding of playfulness within contemporary artistic and cultural practice. The “gamification” of environments based on the idea of playful interactions is overtaking the discourse of digital media based arts, entertainment culture and design approaches. A group of students took up this state of the art to reflect upon the dynamics of cultural techniques of playfulness and possibilities to create a broader meaning of ludic practice.

Video interviews that collect different viewpoints on the topic, artefacts to give the visitors of the exhibition the opportunity to intervene with playful actions, and toy-like objects to experience the exhibition in unconventional ways.

The project gives as well an outlook to the new European Masters Programme in Ludic Interfaces, which will start in October 2013 at the University of Art and Design Linz.