Micro Pets

Marie Polakova & Veselina Dashinova
Micro Pets - Marie Polakova & Veselina DashinovaHave you ever thought that microscopic organisms could be something more than a
scientific specimen or feared disease? Something you could care for and even grow to

The Micro Pets project is looking into the unthinkable, considering microbes of infinitesimal size
as endearing and captivating creatures – as playful companions with personality and charm!
The artists Maruska Polakova and Veselina Dashinova have taken up the difficult task of
observing and understanding the natural behaviours of water microorganism. Their aim, based on practical and conceptual research, is to design suitable nano toys for such creatures together with Micro Pet Lifestyle Accessories. The toys and accessories will be specially suited to the particular behaviour and needs of each microorganism group. So far one can see three different designs of the toys and a digital simulation of the interaction between the Micro Pets and their toys. The next aim of the artists is to develop the design further and subsequently produce the toys.
Let’s see where this journey takes them to …

Created at Interface Cultures Lab with support of Ars Electronica Bio Lab, Linz, Austria and Jan Spurny, Prague.