Insert And Play

Cassette tape players and slide projectors have long disappeared from the modern home. Many no longer
collect bulky VHS tapes and expensive vinyl records and as a result, the interactions associated with these devices have disappeared from daily rituals: the act of insertion, removal, the physical game button, the separation between the media storage and the media player, the joy of anticipation when static TV screen noise turns into an anti-piracy warning screen, the confusion between side A and side B, the audible buzz and so on are no longer part of our everyday lives.
Insert & Play is a microwave that functions as a moving image projector to provide
a viable media player. While the project is a celebration
of technology and industrial progress, it is also a reminder of nostalgic actions; insert and play—a ritual between man and machine on the verge of extinction.

interactive installation
media archeology
mixed media

Jeon Hess > KR

Insert & Play

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