Echo Chamber


/ Luis Toledo (MX)

by Luis Toledo

We are constantly being bombed by advertising, news and ideas. Inside the internet domain, we are able to mute uninteresting topics or even subscribe to new sources. To achieve profit, social media shapes our profiles and distributes content that fits our preferences.

During the exhibition, a database is fed by the active participation of users in the room, who vote real-time news making by the well know thumbs up or thumbs down hand gesture. Up-voted articles and keywords are used by a twitter bot to build an almost random opinion, posting a comment every thirty minutes.

By simplifying the internal mechanisms of today‘s social networks to customize and deliver information, “Echo Chamber” highlights topics such as information diversity, manipulation and opinion realms, and how our current use of technology isletting us hear only what we want to hear. The artist, Luis Toledo, is a coder that added “media arts” to his feed.