Data Slicer – Fruitfulness

by Veronika Krenn & Vesela Mihaylova.

Since the beginning of time, tools were invented to simplify the hunting, cutting, cooking and eating processes. Nowadays there exist specific devices for almost each single dish or task, promising to be timesaving and simple in usage.


Apples are not only the most popular fruit in Central Europe, they are also brimming with symbolic meanings and mythic associations. In many cultures the fruit stands for life, knowledge, love and fertility. The project Data Slicer – Fruitfulness visualizes statistical data sets regarding the human reproduction by means of apples and a modified slicer tool.

The Data Slicer – Fruitfulness project is a food data visualization experiment from the Taste of Data series, which tries to transmit data into our daily life eating process. The visitor is asked to try out the new device and to enjoy the fresh fruits.