Che si puo’ fare?

When noise music and classical opera meet: Monica Vlad is an experimental audio/visual artist who creates a noise composition based on opera using a female soprano voice live interpreted by Johanna Falkinger. The structure is based on three different arias sung by her although these arias were not originally composed for this opera. Similar to the system of an Aria di Baule—a so-called suitcase or insertion aria—a singer is choosing the arias to be sung.

In addition, the sound artist Monica Vlad changes the orchestral accompaniment to electronic noise and the classical instruments are replaced by analog machines. The arias, however, are interpreted by the soprano as original.

The theme of this performance is based on feelings of melancholy, sadness, fear of loss, meditation and anger and how music can be used in any way to express and release these emotions.

Performance schedule:
September 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th of September

AV live performance
noise music

Monica Vlad > RO
guest Johanna Falkinger > AT

Che si può fare

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