Bring your own art!

7th September 2014, from 16.00 to 18.00

This presentation format is open for all interested artists, international partner university students, guest researchers and any potential student interested in our program.

Everyone is invited to bring their own art projects in the form of short presentations which are projected or demonstrated and discussed by the Interface Cultures faculty.

The format is intended to discuss new trends in media art and generally network with the local and international community interested in media art and contemporary art. This format will also help to meet potential students and raise awareness of Interface Cultures’ multi-disciplinary and hybrid approach on topics surrounding interaction and communication.

Here the project that have been registered for the event:

Teddy fearTeddy fear by Allison Godry
Floating Island
Floating Island by Cedric Lambot
EphemereEphemere - Delphine Van Laere
PixtrayPixtray - Gael Maistriau
Hobbies on chairHobbies on chair - Gil Van Cayseele
Human Sculpture
Human Sculpture - Jefta
Paper Logo
Paper Logo - Jiangtao GONG
Talk to Water
Talk to Water - JIAO Yang
Umbra - Laura Maugeri
Rhythm of Gray
Rhythm of Gray - Miki NAGATA
Google Maps as “EIZO“
Google Maps as
Fruits Seeds
Fruits Seeds - Satoru Osawa
A City Day
A City Day - Shihua SUN
Pm test
pm test - Takahisa SENAGA
BreathBreath - Xiangyang HUANG
Rehearsal - Deniz Saglam
Tigers gather
Ting-Jung Chen - Tigers gather
Instant Beatbox
Instant Beatbox - Ruben Layer
Dear life
Dear life (Teures Leben/貴生) - Szu Ni Wen 
Break the Ice
Breake the ice - Gisela Nunes

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