Exhibition – Ars 2014

4th to 8th September 2014, open from 10.00 to 21.00
Raumschiff and Strafsachenstelle

Since 8 years Ars Electronica has provided our students the opportunity to show their works at the Interface Cultures Student exhibition. This year we will feature our department’s latest developments and give our students the opportunity to present their works and prototypes to an international audience. 16 project will be shown.

Tangible Score - Enrique TomasTrataka - Alessio ChiericoTranslation III / Strafsachen - Cristian VillavicencioTapebook - Cesar Escudero Andaluz
Root Nodes - Nathan Guo
Kurzschluss - Veronika KrennMy Haptic Diary - Jure FinguštUrsuppeGreetings from Eastern Europe - Ioan Cernei & Tiina Sööt

Money Never Sleeps - Martin NadalData Auditorio - Daichi MisawaHacking Meditation - Mihaela Kavdanska

Mattresspipe - Ivan Petkov

60 Flavors - Ulrich Lantzberg

SenseparationThat Way - İdil Kızoğlu
Memory Wheel - Davide Bevilacqua
























Guest work of 10 Years of Interface Cultures

Retreating Switch - Sam Bunn

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