Antonina Korepanova • How can we use data to study culture?

Interface Cultures Guestlecture Series

Antonina Korepanova // How can we use data to study culture?
Monday, 04 of April 2022 // 13:00 – 14:00

DO0327 Interface Cultures Lectureroom

A novel approach to digital humanities, Cultural analytics, was introduced more than 15 years ago by Lev Manovich, one of the most prominent media scholars and artists. This first part of this talk will describe one of the practical approaches to Cultural data analysis. This approach is being developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Tallinn University (CUDAN open lab). The second part of the presentation will be about an ongoing project developed by IC Alumni Mar Canet (Junior research fellow in CUDAN) and Antonina. The project is dedicated to finding out the patterns in the museum acquisition strategies based on the data of 12 contemporary art museum collections.

Antonina Korepanova, a second-year PhD student at Baltic School of Film, Media and Arts (Tallinn University). Antonina studies art education and the possibilities of digital mediation of it while focusing on the scaffolding of cognitive processes. Holding master’s degrees in fine arts and educational technologies, Antonina is trying to gain a deeper understanding of how digitalisation affects art education. Moreover, how art education might/should mutate to address contemporary issues; how it can keep up with the rapid changes of the 21st century.