A Reactive Poetry Machine

The colourful slides of an old slide projector, the hum of its fan and the monotonous clicking of its feeding mechanism: This visual and acoustic experience is paired with an AI that creates poetry inspired by the images of the projected slides. The training of the AI is based on data collected by the artists in recent months from e-mails, SMS, poems and other text fragments.

A reactive poetry machine is an experiment that examines the outcomes of trying to teach a machine poetry. Will it forever produce poetry in different variations of the same kind or will it succeed in crossing the threshold and creating something new?

The interactive installation invites visitors to the Ars Electronica Festival to spend a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the festival to reflect on AI, poetry and their relationship.

The installation has been realised with the generous help of Giacomo Piazzi.

slide projector
artificial intelligence

Fabian Frei > CH

A reactive poetry machine

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